Craig Horsch

Craig Horsch serves as President and CEO. Craig has an impressive 37 year community banking background, with experience in Investment and Loan portfolio management, with Commercial, Ag & Residential Real Estate, Ag & Commercial (operating and term), and Consumer underwriting and lending experience. Additionally, Craig brings a wealth of knowledge in strategic planning, business development and leadership qualities that will continue the community banking successes at CBC. Craig is married to Paula with a 35 year old son Ian and resides in Saybrook, IL. He actively participates in Masonic organizations and in The American Passion Play presented in Bloomington each year.

NMLS #762682

Sean Seibring

Serves as the Bank’s Vice President. His bank positions held include Commercial Underwriting, Cash Management and Residential and Commercial Lending. He grew up in Bloomington-Normal and attended Illinois Wesleyan University, where he majored in Business Administration and played basketball. He is married with 3 young children and his favorite thing to do is spend time with them. Sean is an active member in the community and loves providing the best customer service he possibly can to assist and help his customers.

NMLS #1647088

Mark Weber

Information Technology Security Officer, has been with the bank since 1988 and possesses a unique skill set, including IT, Trust, and Ag. A local Chatsworth farmer, Mark offers the Bank a better understanding of our Ag customers. Mark is an active member of his church, a huge Cub fan, and enjoys spending time with his family.

Holly Tribley

Serves as the Bank’s Compliance and BSA/AML officer. She has been in banking since 2007 and with CBC since 2011. Her background is very diversified and provides the bank with expertise in many specialty areas. She is an active member of Citizens Advisory Board in Chatsworth and enjoys working with the community.

Diana Meister

Bank Controller, has had a life-long career in banking, expanding over 40 years. She works diligently at keeping up with the ever changing rules and regulations in banking. On a personal note, Diana came from a large family and truly enjoys her time spent with them.

Lori Giles

Branch Manager, at the Normal location has been with the bank since 2012. She enjoys working with public and strives to provide excellent customer service. Lori enjoys animals, gardening and spending time with her friends and family.